Welcome to this course, which highlights the key elements of Nordic and especially Finnish wood industries. The aim is to give the students an overview of the factors, which give the Finnish woods products their special characteristics. Students will also be given points of comparison from other supply sources in order to make it easier to understand how it is best used in various applications, whether it is interior products, joinery, or structural uses.

This course is divided into six different modules:

1. Introduction
2. Boreal forests and Nordic forestry
3. Timber-based products
4. Plywood, LVL, and other wood-based panels
5. International wood product markets
6. Wood products in interiors, exteriors, and structural use

LAB University will partner with Business Finland in arranging this course. Each student will get a student status at LAB university. With this, the study material becomes available in LAB MOOC and students study the given material at the most suitable time for them.

You can do each one of the modules at your own pace, but the recommendation is that you listen to the lecture(-s) given, as well as go through the other study material (videos, reading, statistics, etc.) within a month from the start of the course. Each module ends with a multiple-choice exam to assess your understanding of the topic. A Business Finland diploma of the course will be granted to those, who pass the course!